Working Cowboy Gun Leather Shop
10635 Pioneer Line, Chatham, Ontario, Canada  N7M 5J2
Tel: 519-354-9892 • Fax: 519-351-8192

Our line of products include: holsters, cartridge belts, chaps,
saddle bags, saddle scabbards and cuffs.



Thanks for the fantastic set of holsters & belt & mag pouches. It is one of my
prized possessions already. -
M.M. (Ohio)

Your package has just been delivered. Thank you for completing the work so
promptly and getting it to me so quickly. There is an appropriate description
for the holster you have produced for me......a masterpiece. Without a doubt
I can say that surely it must be the finest example of holster work in the world.
-R.D. (Australia)

I got the back brace! And I cannot believe how well it is helping me. I was a little
worried about how stiff the leather would be, but whatever you chose for the
leather itself...well, you are Good. Don't care what the bill is, you just name it.
This is the best money I can remember spending in a long time.
- S.B. (Arkansas)